APRIL 23, 1971 - APRIL 6, 2008

Thank Yous From Troops



Thank Yous for the Socks & Sweets Packages 

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the package of "Socks &
Sweets" you so kindly sent me. It was incredibly thoughtful and very well received. I myself am not a soldier (I am a Dept. of the Army Civilian serving on a Human Terrain Team), but I took great pleasure in handing out every single bag of goodies to the U.S. Soldiers I work with. I thank you

for that opportunity. (ok, I may have lifted a Reese's or two).


Being so far from home, in an environment such as this, every little bit of support from home is highly appreciated. The soldiers enjoyed the candy and the lovely messages which the kids took the time to write. I have attached a few pictures. I will also send a few more pictures that I took during a mission today as soon as I load them on my computer.


I'm very happy to see a Jewish day school showing its support for our troops. It means a great deal. I hope to see more such efforts from our community as a whole. I'll be here until May, at least, and I'll always be more than happy to keep handing out anything that is sent.


Please convey our appreciation to the children.


All the best and Happy Hanukka


Daniel Z. 


I just wanted to say thank you again for all that you have been sending us. This morning all I wanted was a good cup of coffee and I made the double vanilla that you sent me from Manhattan. Thank you so much! You really brightened my day.



Dear Ma’am or Sir,

I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know that today my unit received a generous care package from your organization.   While our Marines have already begun to enjoy the treats of the care package, I couldn’t help but think about how awesome it was that people so many thousands of miles away, whom none of us have ever met, would be so generous to send us such a substantial package.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to express the gratitude on behalf of my Marines and myself.  Thank you.

Very Respectfully,

Lance Corporal Lisa W.

C-2 Operations Non Commissioned Officer

I Marine Expeditionary Force

Helmand Province, Afghanistan


Note: We always reply back to those that email MSAWI offering continued support and asking if there are additional items which we can support the individual or his/her unit.  LCpl Lisa W. replied to my email with the following…We are continuously touched by the selflessness of our men and women serving on our behalf




Thank you for responding to my email.  My email was the least I could do for the time and dedication from your organization.  While my unit goes without much, a very good friend of mine from high school’s unit goes with even less and I would like to add his unit to your distribution list if that is ok.  I can give you a short, yet important list of items that would greatly benefit his unit and himself knowing the conditions they face every day.  Please advise.


Very Respectfully,

Lance Corporal Lisa W.




Thank you for the very nice letter.

The care package that it came in has made it to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.

The Marines here would all like to thank you for taking the time to write us and for sending us some delicious candy, food and socks.  The food and candy were delicious not the socks.  The socks were warm.  I’m sure it is cold there already and it is cold here as well.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again for your thoughts.  Please thank everybody who helped put something into the box for us, we are very grateful.

Semper Fi, Cole.

Kenneth K.

Major, USMC

Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan



I want to thank all of the students, at XXXXX, for the many bags of candy and Army socks for us, here in Kosovo, at the army hospital. We all work here in a variety of jobs.

It was very kind of all of you to think of us.  We enjoyed reading your notes.

I am a dentist so everyone has to brush after they eat the candy.

We are very proud to be the recepient of gifts in Major Wolfer's name.

He must have been a very brave soldier.








Wow!  Thank you.  Yasher Koach and Lol Hakavod to your students for this tremendous mitzvah.  They are truly living the Torah.


I received your package today, and you have no idea how appreciated those socks will be.  I've delivered part to our AIR-EVAC section for sick and injured troops who are being flown out.  The injured troops usually arrive at the hospital with virtually nothing.  The rest of the box will be delivered to troops at the small combat outposts around the country.  Those guys are often without any running water let alone shower and washing facilities.


I'm attaching some 'work' photos.


Yes, we celebrated talk-like-a-pirate day


Shabbat Shalom and Thank You again



“I would like to extend to you my deepest appreciation for the delicious and heartwarming care package your students sent to me in Afghanistan.

As you may well know, life on a small forward operating base in the middle of enemy territory isn't easy. The daily attacks by Taliban forces, supply problems (which include not always getting our meals), the often harsh conditions and the solitude that comes from being far away from my family and loved ones, makes my deployment an endurance test like no other.


However, the little things here make the biggest difference. The bags of candy and socks with the personal notes from the children literally put me to tears. It's heartwarming to know that there are people back home who are so caring and benevolent, thinking of those who sacrifice their families in order to serve our country.”  M.K.  US Army

For Chanukah 2008, 12 electric menorahs, gelt and dreidels were sent to soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Italy.



 The Grinch who stole Chanukah was our Navy supply system. Despite the long standing order for Chanukah gelt, none appeared in the commissary.

Your Chanukah chocolates were an elegant variation on the theme and as the ad says, "Priceless!"


I hope that you heard the sound of delighted munching, as well as some envious moans from my Christian colleagues. With so much "Oy to the world" and worries about freedom's lights being extinguished, your Chanukah gifts and greetings gave me and B'nai Napoli a sweet repast and a memory kindler of celebrations past.


Todah Rabbah. May Hashem strengthen you for the days and the work ahead.



Lieutenant Commander Seth P.

US Navy, Italy



We've loved the lighted menorah.  Sheldon, a Jewish soldier from Brigade and myself have been lighting candles (bulbs) daily at 710pm.  We've had two other Jewish individuals and a few non-Jews come to our service.  My commander jokes that I've turned her hospital into the Base Temple. 


I also hosted a Shabbat dinner.  We had the Shabbat in the Operating Room.  I managed to piece together meals/food from past Army Passover boxes, Purim boxes and foods that we have received.  I went out to the Afghan bakery and talked the baker into making me Afghan challah.  It didn't quite taste the same but we wrapped the bread in the classical kneaded fashion.


I also obtained some kosher wine from the Catholic Chaplain.  I'm not too good at this stuff but it was truly a wonderful Sabbath and Chanukah meal.  I have the prayer book for Jewish Soldiers.  I went through the candle lighting ceremony (we all broke chem lights) for the Shabbat.  We sang some songs and did the prayers for the various meals.  It was really something special.


Before we began we dedicated our 1st Shabbat to your brother Stuart.  And then we dedicated it to you.  You see without your support and love it would not have been possible.  Your work in the Jewish community in your brother's memory made it all happen.  You see...I'm not very religious (in fact one of the guys had not done anything Jewish in 20 years) but because of the items sent I was inspired to make Chanukah and the Sabbath a community happening.  I really did not know what I was doing but managed to get a religious service going and dinner.  With the people and junk that we put together, we managed to make a little Jewish community from nothing.  Despite it all Chanukah happened; and it happened in a good way.  Next I'm working on a Havdallah service.  If I can't get any formal supplies, I think I'm going to get some spices from the dining facility and the coffee shop.  I may even braid some candles together.


You will really like the pictures from the Sabbath.  It's nothing formal but as you mentioned in your last letter, it gives testament to our people and our ability and determination to survive as a people and a religion.


Major Brian F.

US Army

S. Hospital, Afghanistan



Happy Chanukah to you and your entire family. I think about our situation in the world every time I say the "Prayer for Home" and "Prayer for our Country". It really hits me when thinking about the cumulative sacrifices that are made daily by our service men and women and the outstanding support given us by people like yourselves. It means so much to know, even as many in the US do not support the war, caring people support "the warfighter" - and that makes all the difference. As Jules used to tell me... even if we can positively affect one Iraqi each through our efforts, we have left a legacy. Thank you again for your gracious support to us in Iraq. Shalom,

Rich M.

Cmdr, US Navy

B'nai Baghdad, Iraq

Thank you to a Kindergarten class at SAR Academy for contributing their tzedakah (charity) money to buy an electric menorah and for their handmade cards.




 Dear Morah Bev S. - I just wanted to send this note to say thanks to you and all the children of SAR Academy for the Chanukah cards and the gift of the Menorah.


I really appreciate your leadership as a teacher and the generosity of the kids.  All of you have made Chanukah here in the war zone that much more special and have touched our hearts.


Happy Chanukah!

Rich M. Cmdr, US Navy

B'nai Baghdad


Thank you to B'nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton, Fl, for their Soldier Packages as part of their Yom Mitzvot Day (Community Service Day), November 16, 2008


I got a package with your esteemed brother's name on it from a synagogue in Florida.  Thank you for all your hard work!



1LT Jonathan R.

Al-Asad Airbase


Thank you from Camp Black Horse (click here to view note)

Thank you from a base in Iraq (click here to view note)

Thank you to SAR Academy (Riverdale, NY) for their Support-A-Soldier Box and Socks for Soldiers Project as part of their Chesed Weed (Community Service Week), November 2008




  I would like to thank you so much for the Veterans Day package, as well as the Socks for Soldiers donation that you made.  One thing we can't get enough of is socks, very thoughtful because they are always needed.


I was reading the newsletter that you sent with the package I received on Veterans Day.  The organization that you have set up in honor of your brother is both respectful and pays tribute to his sacrifice.


Every U.S. service member that is killed in Afghanistan returns to Bagram Air  Base before they make the trip back home.  We all fall out, no matter what time of day or night, and line the streets as the vehicle carrying the casket proceeds to the Aircraft.  Once the vehicle reaches each service member at attention, we all render a final salute to our fallen comrade.  That to me is a reminder of the sacrifice that both that service member and that member's family has made in protection of our freedom.  I can honestly say that I am proud to have served with each and every one of them.  They will never be forgotten, mainly due to the countless efforts and dedication that individuals like you and your organization provide to the preservation of their memory and sacrifice.


Thank you again for the packages and for thinking of us.  Also thank you for offering to send the electric menorahs, we will certainly have a happy Hanukah thanks to your donation.



SrA Chris R, US Air Force



I received the Socks a few days ago.  They were gobbled up.  The items didn't even last the day.  There were many, many smiling faces.


Major Brian F.

US Army

Salerno Hospital, Afghanistan